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Highlight Reel March 19th-25th, 2011 March 26, 2011

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Saturday-  I had to work a rare Saturday since inventory is Tuesday and they needed everyone’s help getting ready for it.  After work I rushed home to get ready for the Scouts St. Patrick’s Day party at Mark & Kris’ house.

Sunday-  Monica & Gracie joined us for church and then we all went to St. Mathias for the breakfast buffet.

Monday-  Scouts went swimming at the Brainerd Inn tonight.

Tuesday-  Today was inventory at work.  I hope we did as good as we did last year.  We had a bonus book club for the book Cutting for Stone.  Good book and the Ethiopian food was awesome!  The drive home was slow going because while I was at book club the freezing rain and sleet started.

Wednesday-  Snowstorm kept many people at home this morning so work was pretty quiet for a change.  Came home and popped some Cheesy Chicken Bundles in oven for the guys while Dad and I went to mass.  Had planned on going to soup supper there too but it was cancelled.

Thursday-  Due to having to work on Saturday I had today off.  I used the day to get all my coupons cut and organized and got in some reading time!  Loved it!

Friday-  Knowing after I clocked out pf work for today I would be on vacation the day seemed to draaaaaaggggggg.  Got home, showered and got ready to go to Craguns as soon as Jeff got home.  We help every year with the couples registration for the Marriage Encounter Weekend.  If you’ve never done a Marriage Encounter I highly recommend it!  Once the couples were registered and the encounter had begun Jeff and I headed for Rafferty’s and had the Lenten special Seafood Supreme pizza.


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