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Bonus Book Club Review #2 March 22, 2011

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The second book that Sheila picked for our bonus book club read (and hopefully to be featured in a national cookbook) was Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.  The majority of the story was set in Ethiopia so the bookies that attended decided to try their hand at authentic (or as close as possible with common ingredients) cooking.  I hadn’t planned on attending this review since I had a meeting for church, but when that was cancelled I decided to throw something together at the last minute and show up.

     Sheila made doro wot which was chicken and a bunch of spices and it was awesome!  Susan made chicken curry which was also really good.  Brenda and I both made Iab, just different versions of it.  Sheila also had some fried dessert/bread squares sprinkled with sugar.  Everything was very tasty and I loved the doro wot so much I am going to introduce my family to this Ethiopian dish as soon as I can wrangle the recipe out of Sheila. 

The book itself was very good although a little on the long side.  I picked it up from the library the week before and at 657 pages I had to set a page goal of 119 pages a day to get through it.  The first day I read 95 pages, the second another 97.  I was getting further and further behind but I was determined to complete it before the review.  And I did!  Literally minutes before the review!  The bookies present that had finished the book rated it 4/5 stars.

Sheila's Doro Wot


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