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Highlight Reel March 12th-March 18th, 2011 March 20, 2011

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Saturday- Zach & I went to the library sale.  I definitely did not need any more books but I had a request waiting for me at the library and it was the last day of the book sale.  You could buy a whole paper grocery bag full of books, CDs, DVDs, etc. for only $2.00!  I restrained myself and did not fill the bag.  I walked out with 11 books and Zach brought home 6.  Then, we went and visited Papa and Mom.  I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to catch up on my reading and almost  finished Five Quarters of the Orange.


Sunday-  Monica met us at the house this morning at 7:30am and went to church with us.  After church the Knights of Columbus were holding their annual Pancake Breakfast,  Jeff and Zach helped do the cooking and it was yummy!  In the afternoon Tyler & Monica took a 5 hour class on conceal to carry for their handguns.  I made mini chimichangas and spanish rice for supper and  called to invite Dad for supper but he was in town having pizza with mom.

Monday- Zach and I spent the afternoon before scouts trying to get more pictures for his photo collage on Brainerd tourism for his Citizenship in the Community merit badge.  Last summer we spent a whole day taking pics for summer tourism and today he took the winter pictures.  Of course we waited until the weather was nice and warm to do this (meaning winter is almost over) and had a hard time finding good things to take pictures of.  For instance, the fish houses are all off the lakes, the ice sculptures have melted, and no one is out snowmobiling anymore.  Regardless,  I think we got enough to do the trick.

Tuesday-  With a huge stack of library books with overdue dates very near looming in the background, I dedicated myself to finishing the book I was reading so I could start the next one.  Mission accomplished.  I have this habit of seeing newly released books in bookstores and going to the library to reserve them.  Inevitably, they all seem to come in at the same time.  I currently have 11 books sitting on my end table that are all due within the next 3 weeks.  Add to that the one book a month I have promised to read from my own bookshelf for Project 52 and the book I have bought as part of my Lenten reading schedule and you will come to the conclusion I have some serious reading to do.

Wednesday-  Jeff’s day off and Zach is on Spring Break so while I toiled laboriously at work they went fishing.  When I called them at lunchtime they were grumbling they were catching nothing and blaming each other for picking a bad spot for fishing.  Just a few hours later they had limited out with some pretty big sunnies and were home to clean them.  This means I don’t have to buy fish sticks for our Lenten meal this Friday!

Thursday-  Started my bonus book club book.  If I had realized it was 600 pages long I would have started it sooner.  In order to get it done in time for the review I have to read 119 pages a day!  Yikes- daunting!

Friday-  Enjoyed our beer battered fish tonight with Monkey Bread for dessert.  Not looking forward to working tomorrow!


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