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Highlight Reel February 12th-18th, 2011 February 19, 2011

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Saturday-  Zach and I went to visit Papa & Mom today.  We were there for about 2 hours and Papa didn’t wake up the whole time!  Not long before we left Dad also showed up for a visit.  Zach and I went out for a late lunch at China Garden and picked up groceries before heading for home.  Now I’m watching the Wild game which currently is looking to be just as intense as the one last night.  We’re playing the same team and they are definitely not happy about our win last night!

Sunday-Church, then a quiet day at home.  I was a bit under the weather so I took it easy.  I made Jeff’s favorite Mommy McBiscuits for breakfast and put Tex Mex Stuffed Peppers in the crockpot for supper.  We watched a movie- Faith Like Potatoes which I was reviewing for my church.  A good portion of the movie was subtitled so it’s not one I’d recommend for the family.  Zach helped me make pretzel treats for my associates for Valentines Day.

Monday-  Valentines Day was kind of a bust today.  Jeff did buy me a beautiful rose bouquet, but I ended up getting off work 2 hours late so that kind of put the kibosh on all the extras I had planned for our special meal.  We did enjoy Steaks with Parmesan Crab Sauce, Crab Legs with melted butter, Baked Potatoes, but I didn’t have enough time to throw together the Jello Jiggler Hearts or a fancy shmancy dessert.

Tuesday- Happy Birthday to my Mom!  We went to Mom & Dad’s and played 2 games of 35.  Jeff won the first and Dad & Zach tied on the second.  They were just going to split the pot but my youngest is quite the high stakes gambler so they decided to cut the deck for it and Zach walked away with it all!  We always end the evening with Pass the Ace and Zach’s pocket was really jingly with coins when we were done.  After I served the cake and ice cream we headed for home.

Wednesday-Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece Amanda who turns 17 today!

Thursday-I’m so ready for the weekend.  Today was my third day of dealing with a contract customer that T-Mobile screwed up and she was NOT happy.  I’m just the liaison and I can’t do anything about getting her number ported over faster, but I seem to be getting the brunt of her rage.  I understand her anger & frustration, but I’m getting tired of being screamed at!  I have spent 5 hours in the last 3 days on the phone with T-Mobile because of their screw up.  5 HOURS!  Okay…I’m done with my rant. 🙂

Friday-  Was hoping for a relaxing evening at home and then remembered we had moonlight bowling with our Boy Scout Patrol at 10pm.  I always grumble about how I’m too old for things like this, but I always have a great time.  One of the other leaders attending was texting me some smack talk about how I better bring my A game and how he was on a professional bowling team so it gave me great pleasure to whip his butt the first 2 games.  We ended up bowling 7 games because we were tied for wins and he did end up the victor but I put up a good fight.  The last game we bowled I didn’t even break 100, my arm was just shot!


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