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Highlight Reel February 5th-11th, 2011 February 12, 2011

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Saturday-  Spent the morning in tears because my jaw hurt so bad.  Hopefully the antibiotics will help soon.  The evening went a little better and I took advantage of it to go into town and pick up food for the Superbowl party tomorrow.

Sunday-  Went to Trinity Lutheran Church this morning to help the Boy Scouts prepare pancakes to thank the congregation for sponsoring Troop 43 for the last 27 years.  Near 5pm Dad joined us to watch the Superbowl and enjoy the food Zach and I prepared.

Monday- Boy Scouts tonight went to the city council meeting as part of their Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge.  Instead of sitting in on it I went over and spent some time at Papa’s house with Mom.

Tuesday-  On the way to Book Club tonight I got lost.  I thought I knew where Kaydi’s house was, but I guess I didn’t.  I picked up the cell phone to call my friend Lori who I knew was already there and when I looked in my rear view mirror I saw flashing lights in my rear view window!  The police officer asked me if I knew why she pulled me over and I honestly had no idea.  I was lost at the time trying to look at street signs so I knew I wasn’t speeding.  It turns out not only was my passenger brake light out, but my tabs said 2010 on them.  It turns out someone had tried to steal them because the officer could see where it was curled up at the end where someone had picked at it.  Luckily, they hadn’t stolen the one off the front plate!  Replacement tabs=$9.00.  When I finally got to book club we had an awesome discussion on a so-so book.

Wednesday- Had my Year End safety Meeting today at the Hawthorne Inn.  It went really good I think.  Jeff and I had Zach’s annual IEP meeting at his school.  He’s doing great and his Tourette’s have not been a problem at all this year, but Jeff thinks he should get in trouble more often because his case manager is “hot”.

Thursday-  I turned myself in to jail today. No…not because I got pulled over the other night!  I was jailed for “good” in the Jail and Bail to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  I was supposed to raise $1000 in the hour I was there.  I didn’t even come close!  We canceled Bible Study tonight because Caroline is in Texas, Henry is on his way there, Cheryl got called to D.C. on business for the week and that would have left just Carrie and I.

Friday-  The Wild game tonight was way to intense!  I had to suffer through 9 frames in the shootout before we finally got the win.  My stomach was in knots!


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