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Project 52 Update- Week 2 February 6, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 8:07 pm

Two weeks done and here is how things stand:

1.  Try 1 new main dish recipe a month.  (I used to be good at this, but as I get busier I get less creative)

2.  Try 1 new dessert a month.  (My guys are always complaining I don’t bake enoughIn February I made a no bake cereal bar recipe with the Multigrain Cheerios I have boxes of in my pantry.  (and yes- it has peanut butter in it!)

3.  Make a crockpot meal once a week (It’s such a timesaver!)   For week 2 I put a beef roast with carrots in the crockpot.

4.  Stick to my weekly grocery budget (I’m trying the new cash envelope system for this)   I allot myself $100.00/week for groceries.  I spent $68.00.

5.  Add to my savings monthly  -Lately I’ve been subtracting

6.  Pay off all hospital/doctor bills by April 1st

7.  Take an outdoor walk weekly (Even in this cold Minnesota weather) 

8.  Do the 50 mile bike ride with Zach

9.  Do a girl’s camping trip or weekend with Janeen.  (We’ve been planning this for years and never do it)

10.  Take mom out for margaritas.  (Can you say “happy hour”, mom?)

11.  Host a Bunco night

12.  Wash the outside of my house  (It’s awful, it really is)

13.  Lose 20 pounds  (yes I know I need to lose 4x that amount but these goals are supposed to be attainable, remember?)

14.  Go ice fishing with my hubby (He likes to fish- I don’t.  and I HATE the cold!)

15.  Shoot bow with my hubby  (He really wants me to do this so I will)

16.  Do 1 date night a month with my hubby.  (I’m hearing all the time on Facebook how all my friends have such a good time on their weekly date nights.  I’m so jealous!)          We went out for supper to Poncho & Lefty’s in January.

17.  Read 100 books.  (Last year I read 86 I KNOW I can hit 100 this year)    Book 2/100 finished.  This week I finished Lipstick in Afghanistan by Roberta Gately

18.  Do an independent Bible study.  (I love the one I facilitate yearly and I have no more time left in my schedule to join another one so I think an independent study might well be the answer)

19.  Read 1 inspirational book a month.

20.  Pull 1 book a month off my personal bookshelf and place it in my TBR pile.  (I have a lot of books I’ve purchased because I sincerely want to read them, so why do I keep checking out stacks from the library?)  For February I dusted off Eye Contact by Cammie McGovern.  I don’t know how long it’s been on my bookshelf but it’s off now!

21.  Go through clothes in closet and give to charity.  (I’m not a clothes horse but I have run out of room)

22.  Blog on book blog once a week.  (I enjoyed book blogging but I quit when life got crazy and I just haven’t gotten back to it)    Posted my Sunday Confessional on http://bybookorbycrook.blogspot.comAlso have scheduled a review on Lipstick in Afghanistan and Saturday Snapshot for this week.

23.  Plan at least 2 meals a week from my pantry.  (I get such great coupon deals and I have been stockpiling.  Now I have to use it!)   Plans in place for next week are: Esther Froam and Spaghetti.

24.  Add $5.00 to my Christmas fund weekly  (doesn’t sound like much but it will add up, trust me)

25.  Find new website for Boy Scouts (the one I have been using now wants to charge us so I’m shopping for a new free one)

26.  Update the new website for Boy Scouts once a week during school year

27.  Paint my living room  (I’m afraid of color.  I like open, clean white but I’m ready to stretch)

28.  Redo wiring/cabling on my TV/home theater/ DVD recorder/satellite.

29.  Install new garbage can roller system under sink

30.  Fill in potholes in driveway (it’s like riding a bucking bronco all the way up to my garage)

31.  Go to 3 movies at theater this year.  (we never go, it’s pitiful)

32.  Get flower beds cleaned out by June 1st  (last year I think I got to them sometime around the 4th of July!)

33.  Get flag back up on flagpole.  (pulley system broke- I miss it)

34.  Get back to weekly training topic at work.    Wrote How to Sign Correctly for next week.

35.  Hold 2 training meetings at work this year

36.  Go on 1 pilgrimage with my church  (I’ve missed some good ones due to expense or having to take time off from work.  One of the day trip pilgrimages would be fun.  Walmart will not close down if I ask for the day off!)

37.  Have Janeen and Al over for a card night.

38.  Have Janeen and Al over for a BBQ

39.  Treat mom & dad to a Dutch Oven meal.

40.  Hold a coupon class for the Janeen, Lori & Janelle (they’ve been begging!)

41.  Bring treats to work for the holidays to thank my associates and show them they are appreciated (I’m thinking Valentines, St Patricks Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas.  I used to do this several years ago)

42.  Visit Papa twice a  week.  Visited him only once this week due to my being sick.

43.  Get Kevin started on religious emblem.

44.  Do the Safety merit badge with our patrol.

45.  Get Christmas shopping done early.  Done by December 1st.  (I hated all the last minute scrambling this year.  So stressful!)

46.  Do 1 freezer meal a month.  (It doesn’t take any longer to double a meal and freeze one for later)    Made a triple batch of Hamburger Soup for the Boy Scouts and froze 1 batch for supper later next week.

47.  Keep up with the Motivated Mom’s chore list.  (It’s been helping me break down my duties so housework doesn’t seem so overwhelming) 

48.  Donate to one new charity this year.  Donated my weekly lunch budget to Feed the Poor.  I fed 420 children and it felt great!

49.  Participate in the March of Dimes Walkathon (I have only missed 1 in the last 21 years!)

50.  Have 3 Tyler days this year  (a day with just my firstborn.  I never get to spend time with him)

51.  Have 3 Zach days this year  (can’t leave out my youngest)

52.  Have a Pamper Me day  (I need a day for just me.  Just one.  That’s all I ask!)


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