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Highlight Reel January 29th-February 4th, 2011 February 4, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 5:22 pm

Saturday- Went ice fishing today with the scouts.  Monica spent the evening with me after Scouts left.  We watched Bella.  Did not like it at all.

Sunday- Date night with hubby!  We went to Poncho & Leftys for supper.  Then I spent the rest of the day catching up on the stuff I let slide for the last week.  Zach and I also watched Despicable Me.  Pretty funny!

Monday-Scouts tonight was working on Citizenship in the Community homework and the boys planned their next patrol activity.  They want to go Moonlight Bowling.  When we got home Tyler was in the process of getting his new meat grinder going so he could make jerky in the smoker.  Zach and I watched Old Dogs.

Tuesday-Finally, the All-Star break is over!  Got to watch the Wild beat the Kings in the shootout.  Backstrom’s save with the blade of his skate was awes0me!

Wednesday-Front tooth started giving me pain this morning.  Ached all day.  In the evening I decided I could be just as miserable at Mom & Dad’s as I was at home so Zach and I went over there and played cards with them.  We played 2 games of 35 and a game of Pass the Ace and I lost all 3, which made me more miserable by the time I left!

Thursday- Didn’t sleep a wink last night because of the pain.  Ended up getting to work 8 minutes late.  Spent most of the day with a bottle of ice water tucked against my cheek.  Finally broke down and called the dentist and got in there at 3pm.  He gave me antibiotics and a pain killer and made me an appointment for the 17th for root canals and extractions.  Went to Bible study and fell asleep during the video part! (I don’t think anyone noticed)Zach spent the evening studying for a history test.

Friday-  I toughed it out until 1pm and couldn’t take it any longer.  I went home and slept until Zach came home.  He was ticked off that the test he studied for isn’t until Monday!


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