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Mighty Eagles January Patrol Event January 30, 2011

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Friday night the boys from our Mighty Eagle patrol came over.  The plan was for an overnighter at my house with an all day fishing event the next day, culminating with a fish fry Saturday evening. 

We started out at 7pm with working on the Safety Merit Badge.  We discussed ways we can stay safe at home, while driving and on the internet.  We talked about making fire escape plans and identity theft protection.  The boys still have some homework to do to finish this merit badge up, but they got a good start.

Then it was movie time!  The boys had their choice between Red and Despicable Me.  They chose Red and I fired up the popcorn maker and made 3 huge batches of buttery, salty popcorn.  The movie was action packed and funny and I think they all enjoyed it.  At this point we had to say goodbye to our Patrol Leader Josiah.  He had commitments the next day and was not able to spend the night with us.

After Josiah left we went outside and started the fire.  It took a while to get it going but when they did-they did!  Soon it was so hot it was melting the snow around the pit and snow clumps were falling off the trees above us.  The boys were going to sleep outside in the fishhouse and even thought they weren’t quite ready to go to bed they got their sleeping bags ready and the heater going to get the chill out. 

At close to midnight I was blowing up the air mattress for Mark to sleep on the floor in the living room.  There was not enough room for us outside and frankly, we weren’t to keen on sleeping out there anyway!

At 6:20 the next morning I snuck outside to peek in the window at the boys but it was too iced over to see them and I didn’t want to open their door and let the heat out so I went back in the house and Mark and I watched the morning news until 7:30 when I put an egg bake in the oven.  After a hearty breakfast of egg bake, cereal, oranges, oatmeal, hot chocolate and juice, the boys started getting their fishing gear together.

By 11am we were out on the ice.  The wind was blowing pretty good across the lake but we had bundled up pretty good and marked had towed our warming house out to the lake for us to seek shelter in if we needed to.

They fished all afternoon and didn’t come home with much.  The fishing on Crow Wing has been COLD but my dear hubby had thought ahead and froze some fillets he had caught a couple of weeks before so between what he caught and what the boys brought home and the hamburger soup I had put on earlier, we had enough to feed us all.

The boys had fun and I’m venturing a guess that Andrew and Austin were as tired from being outdoors all day as Zach was!  So, one more monthly patrol event out of the way.  I wonder what they will decide to do in February.  Hopefully, it’s something warmer!


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