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Highlight Reel January 22nd-January 28th, 2011 January 29, 2011

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Saturday-  The Jaycees $150,000 Ice Fishing Tournament was today.  Tyler got up early to get out to the ice in the hopes of winning the pickup truck or one of the 200 other prizes, but with 10,000 other fishermen out on the ice he didn’t get lucky. 

Sunday- We bundles up and headed out to Hole in the Day Bay with the rest of the Boy Scouts in -22 wind chills to clean up the lake after the tournament.  Four hours were spent walking up and down the rows of holes and we were pretty cold when we got done, but the nice donation from the Jaycees is well worth it.

Monday- Happy 88th birthday Papa!  I came home from work and Janeen came over for a visit before we headed to early Scouts.  The scouts watched a  movie  as part of their Citizenship in the Community merit badge.

Tuesday- Tonight I went to my Adult Faith Formation meeting and then came home and watched the last period of the Wild game.

Wednesday- Mom, Dad, Candy & Bonnie took Papa to the casino in Walker to celebrate his birthday and then Zach, Jeff and I went in for cake and ice cream.

Thursday- Bible Study tonight was on Acts 20-21.  Great discussion on the importance of knowing the history of the Old Testament.  Zach and I watched the old Disney movie Swiss Family Robinson.

Friday-My Boy Scout patrol came over to spend the night.


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