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Highlight Reel January 15th-21st, 2012 January 22, 2011

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Saturday- Tyler woke up with a splitting headache today.  (I wonder why?)  He seemed to think the lights were too bright and we were talking too loud!  Monica spent the day with us.  I went in shopping.  I was hoping to score some more coupon deals again today, but things just weren’t clicking in place for me.  I did do well at Family Dollar where I was able to get 10 free Reach toothbrushes, but that was about the extent of it.  I stopped at the library to pick up a book for mom that she had reserved and visited with her and Papa for a while before coming home.  Zach and Jeff took the opportunity to spend the afternoon fishing and Monica & Tyler relaxed on the couch and watched Caddyshack while I read and made scalloped potatoes and ham for supper.

Sunday- Tried a new crockpot breakfast recipe with hashbrowns, ham, cheese and eggs.  It was pretty good but could have been cheesier.  It made quite a bit so I took the leftovers, wrapped them in a flour tortilla to make a breakfast burritos and next Sunday I’ll serve them with nacho cheese sauce.  I still have leftover ham from last week but I’m running out of recipes to use it in!  For supper we celebrated Tyler’s birthday (see previous post.)

Monday-Tyler woke me up at 4am this morning in such pain he could hardly stand it.  His abscessed tooth was making his cheek swell so bad it was pushing against his eye and forcing it closed.  He could hardly see out of it and he was getting a black eye from it!  I got him an eye pack for the swelling, he called in to work and I went over and broke into dad’s house to borrow some Vicodin back.  At 8am Tyler called the dentist and made a 1:30 appointment but they couldn’t do anything until they can get the selling to go down.  Visited mom & Papa today.  Papa was being goofy again  lol. Zach drove to scouts tonight.  With the terribly slippery roads as of late he hasn’t got much practice in, so I thought it was time.  At scouts, the boys got their annual knife safety training and all the new Boy Scouts were able to get their whittling chit card.

Tuesday-Cold weather today, but the sun was warm.  I was able to sit in my car and read without the heater on because the sun was warming the interior.  Tyler was still swollen pretty good today but by the afternoon it had started getting better. With nowhere to be tonight I stayed inside where it was warm and watched the Wild win again!  GO WILD!!

Wednesday-Zach got off early today due to finals so Jeff picked him up at noon.  Another Wild win tonight.  Three for three against those Canadian teams this week!

Thursday-  We had our work Christmas party today.  Our food was catered from Maucieri’s in Crosslake.  Pretty good Italian food, but the dessert ice cream cakes from Coldstone Creamery were the best!  Crazy cold again! I thought about cancelling Bible study tonight but when I heard I might have a special guest there tonight I decided to keep it on schedule.  Alas, our special guest did not make it but he does have us penciled in for February 10th & 17th.

Friday-Visited Papa and Mom for lunch today.  Zach off today after having finals the last 2 days.  I made burgers and fries for supper and we sat down to watch a classic Disney movie Swiss Family Robinson.  I want Zach to experience some of these older movies he has never been exposed to.  Unfortunately, the disc I checked out from the library had so many scratched on it it wouldn’t even load!  We ended up watching End of the Spear instead.


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