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Highlight Reel January 8th-14th, 2010 January 16, 2011

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Saturday- Zach & his friend Eli went out ice fishing all day.  I ran into town early to get my coupon deals.  At Walmart I scored with 7 Gatorade Primes, 3 Gatorade Recovers, 4 Glen Muir organic tomato pastes, 4 Ortega Taco sauce’s and a Garnier Anti-Dandruff Shampoo= a $23.30 value for $3.86!  Not long after arriving home I ran into the coffee table (klutz that I am!) and broke my little toe.  It was sticking out sideways- I had to move it back into place!  Seriously hurt like $#@&*!!  The rest of the day I delved into my book club book.  Gotta get this 600 page beast done by Tuesday!

Sunday-  I was scheduled to be a lector in church today.  I couldn’t get my shoe on due to the swelling & pain in my toe so I walked up to the altar with a shoe on one foot and just a sock on the other.  While Jeff & Zach went fishing the rest of the day I chilled at home, slow cooking ribs in the oven and finally finishing my book club book.

Monday-  I couldn’t get my shoe on my foot yet so I had to call in since, for safety reasons, they won’t let me work in just a sock.  Jeff is on vacation and the look on his face was priceless when he got up and asked me what I was still doing home. I told him I took the week off to be with him on vacation!  Tyler had a short shift today so after work he picked up Gracie and they came out to visit.  After supper Zach and I went to Scouts where he started his Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge, and then we stopped in at Papa’s to visit with mom for a while.

Tuesday- Able to get my shoe on today so I went to work. Book club went to Giovannis tonight for the buffet.  We started out 2011 with a 5 star book which is  VERY rare for us.  We reviewed The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.  It’s long, but worth it!

Wednesday- Visited with mom & papa on my lunch break today.  I shared my chicken strip with Papa but he didn’t want to share his pumpkin cookies with me!  Came home from work and threw a ham in the oven for supper.  Jeff and Zach were going out to the lake to fish for a little bit.  Well a little bit became a lot bit because by the time they came back the ham was very overcooked!  Grr!  Way to wreck a good ham!

Thursday-  Bible study tonight was just Henry and Cheryl but the discussion was still great.  I hope the Lord grants us a few more participants for next year’s study on Revelations.  More people=more dynamic conversations!

Friday-Went to Papa’s again today for lunch.  Mom was out shopping for groceries but Dad was staying with Papa so I got to visit with Dad for a while too.  Today is Tyler’s 21st birthday so I’m making tacos tonight for supper and I invited Dad to join us.


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