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Birthday Celebration January 16, 2011

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:30 pm

Tonight we finally got a chance to celebrate Tyler’s birthday.  He still wasn’t feeling the greatest today but this time it wasn’t because of a hangover.  His face started to swell again.  The last time that happened he had an abscessed tooth they ended up having to pull.  He’s on medication to help the swelling go down then he’ll have to see the dentist soon to get it taken care of.

He worked today until 5:30 and then Tyler and Monica went to pick Gracie up from her biological father.  When they got here my Dad was already here and supper was going on the table.  Tyler had requested meatloaf wellington for supper which I served with mashed potatoes and madeira sauce and corn.  After supper we got out the Oreo cake (another request) and opened presents.  From us Tyler got the boresighting kit and from Zach he got a new reel.  Mom got him a furry lined sweatshirt (which he says is soooo comfortable!) and a pair of glomits (gloves that turn into fingerless mittens when you turn the flap back.)

It was a fun relaxing evening.  More so for me then for Jeff since he spent half the night chasing Gracie around the house!  When she’s being a little stinker Jeff will tease her and say “Gracie, go to bed!”  Well, after he picked on her for a while she turned to him and said “Jeff, go to bed!”  Ya gotta love that girl!


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