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Highlight Reel January 1st- January 7th, 2011 January 7, 2011

Filed under: Highlight Reel — Angie S. @ 11:57 pm

Saturday-  Happy New Year’s Day! Mary invited us over for the afternoon so I threw together a hamburger spread and we played cards there.  Of course, in a rush I forgot my camera so no pictures of your cousins, sorry Mike!  In the evening we watched The Other Guys.  Zach is a huge Will Farrell fan.  I, unfortunately, am not.  Dumb movie!

Sunday- After church we went to the breakfast buffet at St Mathias.  We had not eaten a real meal in 2 days due to the appetizers served at the 2 parties so it was nice to enjoy a good breakfast.  After dropping the 2 guys off at home I stopped by to visit mom & dad and then went in to town to get my hair cut.  My aunt Candy called frustrated again over not being able to get her internet hooked up so I stopped by to help her out.  We made a trip to Walmart to get the rest of the stuff she needed.  We were still having problems and I had to go so I’ll have to stop by later this week and see if I can figure it out when I have more time.  AND, today is Monica’s birthday so- Happy Birthday to my future daughter-in-law!

Monday- More light snow made the roads slipperier tonight.  As we headed to town for scouts we saw 2 more cars in the ditch.  Elections for scouts tonight made Andrew our new SPL and Josiah the new Mighty Eagles patrol leader.  Congrats you two!

Tuesday- Went to Papa’s for lunch to visit with him and Candy, then went back after work and FINALLY got her internet hooked up. After taking in the Wild game, we watched Dinner With Schmucks.  Ok, I am a huge Steve Carrell fan.  But, again, DUMB movie!

Wednesday-Went to Mom & Dad’s tonight to play cards.  I brought over some crab dip and crackers and mom brought out her spinach dip.  We played 3 games of 35 (I won once) and 2 games of Pass the Ace (I won again!)

Thursday- Bad day at work.  My supervisor and I do not see eye to eye.  Everybody knows I’m right.  Why doesn’t she just give it up?  Bible study tonight was on Acts 17.  Great discussion Henry and Cheryl!  Came home to find the Wild had won 3-1.  Good ending to a horrible day.

Friday- TGIF!!  Zach has his buddy Eli over to spend the night so it’s a quiet night for me.  I’m going to see if I can finish my 600 page behemoth book club book this weekend.  I won’t be venturing out much since the wind chills this weekend will be 20+ below. Oh- and today is my friend Kris’ 40th birthday.  Happy birthday you old bag!


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