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Christmas Eve or Oh Holy Night December 26, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 12:17 am

I never realized how important the family traditions had become to my boys until we spent this year without most of them.  This year has been an incredibly hard year on our family, especially my mom.  She has spent weeks at a time caring for first, her mother, and now her father. 

Traditionally on Christmas Eve we spend the evening after mass with my parents and my grandparents when we could.  The last few years because of health reasons my grandparents had been unable to join us but we still had my parents.  This year we spent a quiet evening alone.

Traditionally on Christmas Eve we eat pasties and snack after Christmas Eve mass.  This year we had the pasties for supper, went to mass and came home just to go to bed early to prepare for Christmas Day.  (Well, SOME of us got to go to bed early, right Jeff?)

Traditionally we take pictures in front of the tree.  This year no pictures.

Zach had a long face when I initially told him Grandpa & Grandma wouldn’t be with us on Christmas Eve, but he adapted well.  Next year we’ll get back in the groove again.

Yes, it just didn’t seem like Christmas Eve to me, but it was sorta nice anyway.


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