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Highlight Reel December 18th-24th, 2010 December 25, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:52 pm

Saturday- Christmas shopped early in the morning & wrapped presents in the afternoon.

Sunday- Forced Jeff to go Christmas shopping with me this afternoon.  Then we went & visited Papa and my mom for a while.

Monday- Christmas party at Scouts tonight was fun.  After the presents and the food the boys went sledding and snowboarding.

Tuesday- Today was Jeff’s 47th Birthday.  Happy Birthday honey, I love you!  I invited Dad over for country fried steak, mashed potatoes & hamburger gravy, corn and cake & ice cream for Jeff’s birthday.  And because we hadn’t had a chance to celebrate Dad’s birthday last month due to health issues with Papa, etc., I had a cake and present for him as well.  After we sang Happy Birthday to Jeff, I brought out another lit cake and we sang Happy Birthday to dad.  After he closed his jaw, and amidst protests of “it’s not my birthday” we got him to blow out his candles too!

Wednesday- Put the pastie meat in and Jeff took it off.  Not feeling well went to bed early

Thursday- Suddenly overwhelmed by all I have left to do.  Had a mini emotional breakdown, then moved on.  Finished making the pasties.  Those are really a lot of work!   Then went into town, finally finished buying my last gift and stopped and visited Mom for a while.

Friday- Not a traditional Christmas Eve by any means but any Christmas Eve I can spend with the ones I love is one that will be cherished.


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