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Highlight Reel December 4th-10th, 2010 December 17, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:32 pm

Saturday- I was busy today (oh yes, Jeff and Zach helped too!).  We made: Berry Shortbread Dreams, Mouse Cookies, Mounds Balls, Cathedral Window Candy, homemade marshmallows, peanut butter fudge, waffle cookies, and cranberry white chocolate chip cookies.  Add that to what Janeen & I made: Ritz dipped, dipped pretzels, gourmet pretzels, peanut blossoms, wreath cookies, spritz, peanut butter balls, mint truffles, cookies and cream bon bons and I think we have a pretty good assortment.  We also had time to put some venison jerky in the oven and dehydrator before we headed to Janeens for her annual Christmas party, which was a blast like always.

Sunday- didn’t want to wake up today since I didn;t get to bed until 2:30 in the morning.  But get up I did and we got Zach to catechism on time, cleaned up the house from the remainder of the cookie making mess the night before and got cooking again for our house party this afternoon.  I was hosting an American NInja house party and so I went with a mixture of American & Japanese (Chinese actually) food.  I made General Tsao’s chicken and mini hotdogs in buns.  I made a big pot of beef lo mein and also had chips, pop, japanese rise candy and candy sushi rolls I had made.  Alvin also brought some macaroni salad to share. 

Monday- After work I picked up Zach, Andrew & Austin.  We checked out the new pawn shop location before I took Zach to driver’s ed.  Then Andrew & Austin hung out with me until we went to scouts.  We went to the Salvation Army thrift store because I was looking for an ugly sweater to wear to the bookies Ugly Sweater Christmas party.  I did find an ugly sweater there but it was a little too tight.  Andrew found some hockey skates and Asutin scored some golf clubs for 98 cents each.  Then we headed to another thrift store where I did find a sweater that had an atrocious combination of colors in it.  We also walked around ythe mall before heading for scouts.

Tuesday- Getting tired of hanging around fr 3 hours while Zach learns how to drive

Wednesday- Today while Zach was at driver’s ed I went over and visited with Papa for a while.  Dad was sitting with him while Candy was shopping.

Thursday-  Happy 63rd birthday Bonnie!  Sorry we had to miss it but I hope you enjoyed your supper out and cake afterwards.  I had Bible study on Acts 13-14  tonight.

Friday-Zach went to his friend Eli’s and spent the night.  Oh, heavenly peace and quiet!


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