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Highlight Reel December 11th-17th, 2010 December 17, 2010

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Saturday- Big snowstorm in the twin cities but we only got about an inch.  I went into town early to get a little shopping done while Zach was still sleeping in at his friend’s house.  Although I didn’t get near enough done it was a great start.  Yes- I said start.  Scary, huh?  Later, Papa went into the hospital with a bad case of the stomach flu.

Sunday- Jeff, Zach and I headed for St. Cloud to get some more Christmas shopping done.  Coincidently we saw Jeff’s brother Greg in Scheels and were able to visit with him, Bev and Jason for a while.  That was pretty cool! 

Monday- I headed to the hospital to see Papa today and he had been released a little earlier. Yay! Zach’s last week of drivers ed. Yay! 

Tuesday- We left before 6am for an appointment with Zach’s surgeon in the cities.  We got stuck in traffic starting near Rogers and spent 50 minutes traveling only 5 miles.  FOUR HOURS later- we arrived at the hospital 40 minutes late for our appointment.  He first had a functional test with a therapist which went pretty good.  His numbers, times, etc were pretty close from one side to the other.  His balance and form were not as impressive.  He was a little shaky but he passed the tests so all was good.  Then his surgeon reinforced what the therapist had said and told us we did not need to come back again.  Then, per tradition, we stopped at Olive Garden on the way home to celebrate.  We got home in time to get Zach to the test for driver’s ed and I hurried back home to make goodies for the Bookie Christmas party.

Wednesday-Chills kept me bundled up on the couch tonight.

Thursday- I took Zach over to the permit testing facility where he wowed them all with a 32/35 on his test and exited with the application to bring to the DMV for his permit.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to get the grin off his face.  It was so cute!  After getting his yellow card he got in the car and said “technically mom, I could drive home.”  And I told him technically he was right but it wasn’t probable.  But I’m such a pushover that after we got out of town I pulled over so he could drive us home.  Once home I locked myself in my room to finish my Bible study assignment for that night and Zach and Jeff put up the Christmas tree.

Friday- Finally!  It was a rough and stressful week and I was thrilled it was Friday until another department manager told me some managers were being scheduled for the weekend so I checked and sure enough, my assistant manager scheduled me without even telling me.  I talked to my c0-manager and she said since he didn’t ask I didn’t have to come in.  I might go in for a few hours though.  Haven’t quite decided yet.  The fam and I spent the evening watching several episodes from season 3 of The Big Bang Theory.  Sheldon cracks me up!  It’s not near as good as my favorite series The Office, but it will do in a pinch when the Wild aren’t on.


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