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Thanksgiving 2010 November 28, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 2:23 pm

Thanksgiving this year was bittersweet.  While Nana is no longer with us, we still have Papa and it was a joy to have him with us.  He walked in the door and was so happy to be at Mom’s house he started to sob.  It was heartbreaking!  While the rest of us fought back tears we helped him get situated and comfortable until dinner was ready.

Mom served us a wonderful meal like she does every year.  We keep telling her she doesn’t need to go quite so overboard but she has never been very good at listening!  My aunt Candy and her boyfriend were able to join us and Bonnie had the day off as well.  After cleaning up the dinner table Papa fell asleep in the recliner (too much turkey?) and Monica, Mom, Bonnie, Candy and I played a round of  Mexican Train dominoes. Tyler laid down & took a nap because he was feeling lousy.  Zach and Jeff watched football downstairs where it was much cooler. 

We warmed up the leftovers for supper and ate way too much again before everyone bundled up to go home.  It was hard not having Nana with us for the holiday and I’m sure Christmas will be harder still but the thing I was most thankful for this year was having Papa with us. From his reaction “This was the best day in my whole life!” I think he was thankful too!


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