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Highlight Reel November 13th-19th, 2010 November 20, 2010

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Saturday- After a breakfast of waffles, scrambled eggs and sausages the hunters decided to relax a little before going out again.  It was a lot colder this weekend then it was last weekend so they were ready for warm blankets when they came back in.  Monica, Gracie and I went in to visit Papa and Mom for about a half hour and then I came home and put on two pans of lasagna and invited Dad over to join us.  That evening Monica and I watched the DVD she had brought over- Hot Tub Time Machine.  I was not impressed.  It was dumb and very vulgar and I ended up going out to the kitchen to clean up a little.

Sunday- I went to 8am mass this morning because I was scheduled to be Eucharistic minister.  It was also a memorial mass for Nana.  I left Zach there for catechism and I came back and put in buttermilk biscuits for a Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit breakfast.  Monica had brought some caramel rolls and orange juice for us to eat as well.  After breakfast Gracie and I headed in to town to spend an hour or so with Mom & Papa again.  Then I spent the rest of the afternoon watching Dora and reading Corduroy’s Christmas.  I now have them both memorized.  Supper in the crockpot was Bluegrass Chicken and I made mashed potatoes, green beans and chocolate chunk cookies for an accompaniment.  Monica had brought the DVD Grownups so we watched that.  Definitely better than the last one.

Monday- Zach finally got out tonight to sell wreaths since the deadline was tonight.  In an hour he had sold 15 small and 1 large wreath to our wonderful neighbors and friends who are so awesome to support him and the Boy Scouts every year.

Tuesday-  I went to Papa’s on my lunch break today to visit and was treated with a slice of banana bread.  I’m not much of a banana person but my mom makes the best banana bread!  After work I stopped by City Hall to see the traveling exhibit from the Library of Congress.  They were only stopping at three cities in Minnesota and we were picked to be one of them.  Supper tonight was steaks, au gratin potatoes, mixed veggies and the leftover buttermilk biscuits from breakfast last Sunday.  No dessert though!

Wednesday- An evening at home with the hubby and Zach.  They watched TV,  I enjoyed a fire outside on a chilly evening.

Thursday- Zach’s last physical therapy!  Yay!  His therapist Nicole said he made awesome progress the ast 3 weeks.  Now all he has to do is pass his functional test in 3 weeks and he will be good to go.  After  therapy we celebrated with a Dairy Queen Blizzard then I dropped him off at Jeff’s work and went to my Tri parish Pastoral Council meeting and then headed home.  Thankfully we didn’t have Bible Study tonight too.  That would have been too much!

Friday-My friend Lori invited me to Bunco night.  There were 16 ladies and we had 4 tables going.  At the end I won $20!  We had great appetizers and Cosmos and we also played “shit bucket.”  (Don’t ask!)  I came home to find the Wild had won (woo hoo!) and the Warrior football team had lost their semi final game.  They were only the second Warrior football team to be undefeated in regular season play.  Great run guys!


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