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Highlight Reel November 6th-12th, 2010 November 16, 2010

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Saturday- Kids got up early to hunt.  Tyler aimed at a buck and just heard a click.  Apparently he didn’t have the action completely shut on his rifle or something.  He came back kind of cranky!  I had breakfast burritos waiting for them when they got back.  When Jeff got home he went out with them and ending up getting 2 does.  One was a nice sized one, the other was smaller and not normally one he would have taken but he noticed it was limping and injured pretty bad so he decided to put it out of its misery.  Of course this happened right before dark so we didn’t make it to hunter’s mass.  I made stroganoff for supper and Oreo cake for dessert.  We watched Date Night and they were all in bed by 10:30.

Sunday- Because I missed mass the night before, I went to church this morning. No more deer tonight.  In fact Jeff called his brother to see if he wanted one of the deer, so him and Angie and Sarah and Eric came over and ended up staying for supper.  Zach had fun with his cousin Eric whom he doesn’t get to see often.

Monday-  We picked up Eric for Boy Scouts tonight and the boys had fun playing an outdoor football type game.  Afterwards we went to Little Caesars!  Today was also my Dad’s birthday.  The poor dear spent it all by himself but I hope he realizes how much we love him and appreciate him.  My dad is the awesomest dad there is.  He’s always there to help out with anything you need and he’s great with his grandchildren.  He worries too much but we know that’s because he truly cares.  Have a great day Dad.  I love you!

Tuesday-I had book club tonight.   The book we read “The Botticelli Secret took place in 15th century Italy so we themed or potluck around Italian foods.  We had stuffed shells, Genoa salami, polenta, brownie biscotti, wine and more.  After we discussed the book we had a surprise baby shower for Jody Allord Smith.  We have many crafty bookies who gave gifts of beautiful knitted and crocheted baby blankets and hats and other fun stuff.

Wednesday- Zachary stayed home from school today to go hunting with his dad.  They came back with nothing.

Thursday-  Great Bible study tonight with all in attendance.  We had a great discussion on how it’s so easy to judge people and hard to break those preconceived notions we have of people because of the way they dress or smell.  Jesus sent a clear message when he dined with sinners and tax collectors, and touched lepers to heal them.

Friday-  Zach went out hunting when he got home from school and I went in to visit with Papa and Mom.  Neither one was having a good day and I hoped to cheer them up.  Zach ended up going to Saint for supper with my Dad since I wasn’t coming home in time.  Monica and Gracie came out to spend the weekend with us so Monica could go hunting and I could watch Gracie.


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