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Highlight Reel October 23rd-29th, 2010 October 29, 2010

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Saturday- ran some errands today.  Had to cash my check at the bank, get groceries, pick up Papa’s prescription and a blood pressure monitor, and stop and check in to see how he was doing.  I heard Mom & Dad are on their way back.  The bus they had taken to Branson broke down there and it was going to take a while to fix so they had to send another bus from Brainerd to bring them all home!  She should be home early tomorrow evening.  Monica came over for BBQ ribs tonight .  We played some 10 penny and watched a movie.

Sunday-Rainy, icky day.  Did absolutely nothing.  And I mean nothing.

Monday- Went to Papa’s and had lunch with him and Candy. Boy Scouts tonight had a visitor.  A former Boy Scout who had attended Philmont.  He talked to the boys about going to a high adventure base.  It certainly sounds like fun but at $750.00 it might be a little out of our reach.

Tuesday- The weather today was unbelievable.  I have never seen wind like that!  I went into town in the evening for my Adult Faith Formation meeting and even saw a patio umbrella laying on the side of the road.  The ride home was worse because by this time the snow had started and it looked like a blizzard!

Wednesday- Dad picked Zach up to go into town and visit Mom.  Zach hadn’t seen them since they left for Branson and he was missing them!  Mom has been staying at Papa’s house 24/7 to help with his recovery after getting out of the hospital.  Since Zach wasn’t home for supper I decided not to cook so Jeff and I went to TJ’s Log Cabin for supper.

Thursday- Dad stopped by work today and took me out for lunch.  I enjoyed our time together and we were able to have a nice talk.  Bible study tonight on Acts 8 was a great discussion.  I love the group we have this year (although we missed you this week Henry!)  When I got home I was able to watch the last period of the Wild game, which we won by the way!

Friday-Made a supper tonight of pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes & gravy,  & broccoli with cheese sauce and then we settled in to watch NCIS reruns (my husband swears he still hasn’t seen them all.  He has a crush on Ziva!)


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