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Highlight Reel October 9th-15th, 2010 October 17, 2010

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Saturday-  Started with the Scouting for Food Bag pick up.  We did pretty good this year.  After our patrol had dropped our carload off at Cub Foods Zach, Andrew, Austin & I ran some errands (shopping downtown, oil change, grocery shopping) and we also got pizza at Little Caesars and took it to the park.  Then in the evening since the weather was still nice Jeff & I went for a walk.

Sunday- After church Jeff and I left Zach at catechism while we went to Mom & Dad’s for a short visit.  When we brought him home we made Breakfast Burritos (yum!) and then Zach and I spent some time raking my parents yard before we spent the rest of the afternoon on the lake.  Zach reeled in a small walleye in only 3 feet of water and then later pulled in a nice sized northern.  Jeff, alas, hooked nothing.

Monday-  Tonight was our planning meeting for Scouts and then they did their physical fitness 1 month follow up.

Tuesday- Book club tonight was a discussion on our annual classic read.  To make things  a little more fun we all wore hats from an earlier time.  We met at T.J.’s log cabin and it was a real hoot to see everybody’s style reflected in the hats they chose!

Wednesday-  Zach had physical therapy tonight and got a lecture about being a non-compliant patient. (He hates doing his exercises and doesn’t think he needs them.  And he admitted to running (gasp!) when his therapist told him not to do things like that.)  I guess mean old mom is going to have to crack down and watch him more!

Thursday- I met mom, dad and papa at the Front Street Cafe for lunch.  It was fun to get together if even for a few minutes. Bible study tonight was on Acts 5.  We had a great discussion with all members there.

Friday- Our Boy Scout Backyard Campout starts tonight!


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