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October 2nd-8th, 2010 October 9, 2010

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Saturday- Went to my nephew Bryan’s wedding.  It was a great time seeing all the family and I wish Bryan & his new bride Toni a lifetime of happiness.

Sunday- We went to church in the morning and after catechism I made a big breakfast of french toast, sausage and scrambled eggs.  In the evening Papa took us all out for supper to Famous Daves. It was wonderful and I think we all ate too much!  Then we came back to my house and had cake & ice cream and celebrated my birthday.

Monday- Scouts tonight was dropping off bags for Scouting for Food.  We will pick them up next Saturday and hopefully we will have a big haul for the food shelves.

Tuesday- Zach had his six week follow up in the cities with Dr Arendt.  She said he is doing really well and doesn’t have to wear his brace anymore.  I didn’t think he was going to quit smiling all day from that news!  He does have to work on some strength training on his legs.  She suggested we get a membership to a gym so he can work out on the elliptical machine and other exercise equipment.  Hmmm.  Don’t know how we’re going to work that one since gyms are really expensive but we will figure something out.

Wednesday- Jeff had his first annual DOT physical today and the doctor confirmed something I had suspected for a while.  He has extremely high blood pressure.  He has 3 months to get his blood pressure under control or he loses his job.  Yikes!  So- he’s now taking blood pressure medication and he’s on a low sodium diet.  It will be a big lifestyle change for all of us.  Janeen and I went out to celebrate our birthdays with margaritas at Poncho & Leftys.

Thursday- I picked Zach up from school and we went to Papa’s to visit for a while before Zach started physical therapy.  Then I came home and threw supper on for Jeff and Zach and headed for Bible study.  Tyler went to the dentist today because he’s had some problems with massive swelling along his jaw line.  He has an infection under his tooth so the dentist put him on antibiotics for a week and when that clears up he will either pull it or do a root canal depending on what Tyler decides.

Friday- Monica and Gracie came over to join the family for supper.  It was such a beautiful day that we played catch outside with the football for a while.  For supper I made pork tenderloin, roasted red potatoes, salad, fruit and cake for dessert.  Gracie really ate!  Then we played True Colors, 10 penny, and Pass the Ace before she left.


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