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Highlight Reel September 18th-24th, 2010 October 2, 2010

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Saturday-  Zach & I headed for St Cloud just for the fun of it.  For once I didn’t have a list of things to find on a time table so it was kind of relaxing.  Then, after supper we built a fire in the pit and sat around the fire, talked and played Pac-Man on my phone.  He won of course!

Sunday-  Went to church this morning since they are no longer having Saturday night mass.  Zachary started the first year of his confirmation prep and Jeff and I attended parent classes.  After a huge breakfast at home with my family Zach went out to cut wood, Tyler went to take another look at a house, Jeff watched the Vikings game and I spent some time updating the blog and the Scout website.

Monday- Went to Scouts.

Tuesday- Zachary had physical therapy today and his physical therapist told him he was doing a great job on his exercises.  His knee is still a little swollen from fluid build up so he will have to ice it more often, but things are going better.

Wednesday- Jeff worked on my new pantry today (yay!) now I have somewhere to put all those great deals I have been coming across.

Thursday- Bible study was great tonight because we picked up a new person.  Welcome Cheryl!

Friday- Cleaned house tonight to get ready for tomorrows Houseparty!


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