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Highlight Reel September 4th-10th, 2010 September 12, 2010

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Saturday- Spent the day at the backyard campout.

Sunday- left the backyard campout and went in and visited with Mom & Nana and Papa. 

Monday- Labor Day and I labored.  Usually I don’t work Labor Day but this year I had asked for so much time off for vacation and Zach’s surgery and follow up doctor visits I plum forgot to ask for the holiday off.  I guess it was no big deal since we didn’t have any plans or anything.  It used to be that our extended family would have a picnic every Labor Day and Memorial Day, but we all have families of our own now that we celebrate the holidays with.  I had dad over for Chicken Biscuit Potpie.

Tuesday- my youngest Simmonds is a sophomore!  Yes, Zachary’s first day of school at the high school.  He said it went pretty good.  The first day the juniors and seniors don’t go.  They just have the sophomores in the building and bring them around and introduce them to everything.  I think that’s a pretty cool idea.  Right after school I picked Zach up and we went for his two week wound check with his regular ortho doctor.  She said it’s looking pretty good!  After bringing Zach back home I threw together a quick supper and headed back to town.  I was supposed to have a Faith Formation meeting tonight but Nana had taken a drastic turn for the worse and I went over there to be with Papa and Mom.

Wednesday-  Spent the evening with Nana, Papa and Mom again. 

Thursday-Zach wanted to see Nana so we headed over there for a visit.  She was actually responding a little today but it was still really hard on him.

Friday-  I called Mom and told her to get ready to go out.  I would watch Nana while her & Papa got out of the house.  Poor Papa’s been cooped up for weeks and Mom has been staying there 24 hours a day for the last week.  She needed to get out of that stuffy apartment too.  Dad decided to stay with Zach and I while we watched Nana.  Mom & Papa headed to the casino for the seafood buffet which I am told Papa really enjoyed.


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