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Coupon-a-holic! August 30, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 12:46 am

Okay, I will admit, I have used coupons in the past but I wasn’t real vigilant about looking for them.  While stumbling around You Tube one day I found this video about a woman who uses coupons and feeds her family for pennies a day.  That intrigued me enough to look around on the website for tips on how to fit couponing into my life.  I started reading couponing blogs and the first week I picked up some pretty good deals.  The second week I scored some free items and I have been hooked ever since.  I have been doing this a little less than a month and I am looking at transforming one of my closets into a pantry to hold all the food and misc. items I was able to get for free or a little bit of nothing.  Let me give you a few examples:

The other day I went to Target and purchased 8 Chef Boyardee Raviolios, 2 Hunts Snack Pack Puddings, and 2 Sharpie highlighters and I paid the grand total of 58¢!  How did I do it?  Easy!

On Target’s website they had a $1.00 off coupon for Chef Boyardee.  Target has them price cut to 87¢.  Each one was FREE!

I had a manufacturer’s coupon from a savings book in a local supermarket for a free Snack Pack when you purchase 4 Chef Boyardee.  Voila!  FREE

I had a Target website coupon for $1.00 off any 2 Sharpie highlighters.  I purchased 2 that were price cut to 75¢ each.  And there is where my 58¢ total came in.

I have also found really good deals at Walgreens too.  I have stacked manufacturer’s coupons with Walgreens coupons and got items for free which is what I recently did to get 4 bottles of Listerine free, 4 automatic spray air fresheners for free as well as deodorants, shampoos and body washes.

Last night Zach was goofing around with my cans of Chef Boyardee Raviolios and counting them as he built them into a pyramid.  How many was I able to accumulate in a week and a half with my Target coupons?  40!  Enough to last me an entire year!  All of a sudden Jeff doesn’t complain about my shopping.  In fact he asks me every time I come in with 2 or 3 shopping bags what I was able to get today for a little bit of nothing. 

Using coupons has cut my grocery bill in the last few weeks anywhere from 50-75%.  I’m telling you- “You gotta try this yourself!”

**Sorry, the Target coupon expired 8/28!**


2 Responses to “Coupon-a-holic!”

  1. Rosanne Says:

    Angie, great blog entry. I have been contemplating using coupons and such for a while, but it takes time; but in reading your blog, I guess it is worth it. I would appreciate any tips you can give us!

  2. Coupons always sound like a good idea, but usually the food you can buy with them is sub-par stuff that isn’t healthy at all; it’s pretty much all pre-packaged junk. I like to use coupons for toilet paper, office supplies, etc.

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