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Muskie Fishing on the River July 23, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 9:34 pm

Wednesday after work I picked up some chicken and poatao salad from the deli, grabbed a fruit bowl, cheese & crackers and some pop and met the guys at home where they were waiting with the cooler and the fishing rods.  We headed down to Crow Wing State Park wehre Zach got to try his new muskie rod.  The rod is HUGE!  It’s 8 feet long and a lot bigger around then a regular rod and the lures they use for muskie fishing are monstrous, not to mention the 30 pound test line they put on.  We started down at the group camp area (remember when we always walked down the trail to the cabin, Mike?)  After casting for a while there we went to the picnic area up by the pavilion and had our picnic before walking down to the stairs by the boardwalk and trying it there.  (The pavilion where we had our Memorial Day & Labor Day picnics was enclosed a few years ago.  It’s just not the same.)

Even though Zach didn’t even get a strike (and neither did Jeff or I when we tried it for a few minutes) we had a very relaxing time.  The water always has such a calming effect.  No matter how tense I am or how bad my day was, being by the water centers me.


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