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Highlight Reel July 10th-16th, 2010 July 23, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 9:15 pm

Saturday- Went to the beach with Janeen, Trever, Troy, Janelle & Zach.  We swam, had lunch and just relaxed on the floaties.  I got so sunburned it wasn’t funny.  I kept forgetting to put sunscreen on.  I know, dumb huh?

Sunday- Jeff & Zach went fishing while I spent the day slathering aloe on my skin and cooling in front of the fan.

Monday- Back to work.  Terrible day!  Was glad when I got home I could take a walk and vent!

Tuesday- We had our Bookie Queen Coronation tonight.  It was so much fun like always!

Wednesday- Zach got his physical for summer camp today.  The clinic wouldn’t let us schedule his surgery pysical for the same time so he gets the pleasure of having another physical in 3 weeks.  Mom & I went to Little Falls and signed up for high speed internet.  Finally!

Thursday- Janeen & I took a walk while Zach ambled down her gravel road looking for agates.

Friday-  Zach and I wanted to cool down so we went out for ice cream, stopped at the meat market and got some wild rice brats, came home grilled them and then the whole family watched The Bounty Hunter.  It was okay.  Funny only in a few places but I like Gerard Butler so I kept watching it.


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