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Highlight Reel July 3rd-9th, 2010 July 16, 2010

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Saturday- I stocked up on groceries for the weekend so I didn’t have to brave the traffic to go into town.  Zach and I went to the river and he casted for northerns but nothing was hitting.  We also looked for agates again for a while.  In the evening we coaxed mom out of the house (she didn’t want to leave the fan!) and we lit off fireworks and I brought over dome leftover BBQ chicken to munch on.

Sunday- Happy Independence Day!  Never take your freedom for granted.  We are so blessed to enjoy all we do in this great country we live in.

Monday: Had lunch with Papa & Nana.  That was the extent of my excitement for the day.  Jeff had the day off because of the holiday so him and Zach went fishing.

Tuesday-  Janeen and I took a 3 mile walk and caught up on all the local gossip!

Wednesday-We had a little scare today.  Tyler’s girlfriend Monica collapsed in the bathroom at work and was unresponsive.  They had to break down the door and call an ambulance for her.  Because of her brain surgery 2 years ago and knowing she had suffered from a headache all day, we were concerned she was suffering from a brain bleed.  Tyler rode to the hospital with her in the ambulance and I followed.  They are doing more tests but so far it looks like her brain is good.

Thursday-  Monica spent the night in the hospital and didn’t get out until late today.  The doctor thinks she might have had a seizure but Monica thinks it was heat stroke or heat exhaustion.  She’s calling her neurosurgeon to get another opinion.  Her doctor here pulled her driver’s license for 6 months because he thinks it was a seizure!  Mom & I went to Little Falls after work so we could pick up a wireless modem to try for a few days to see if we want to sign up for their high speed internet.  Janeen and I took another hike.

Friday-Zach and I headed to St Cloud to go shopping for a formal dress for the Bookies Queen Coronation next Tuesday.


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