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Sunday Was a Little Bazaar! June 29, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 7:24 pm

No, the word bazaar in the title above is not a typo!  Sunday our church had it’s annual bazaar fundraiser.  The bazaars of my past were always extravagant events requiring a total parish effort that paid off in big dividends when there was something for the entire family to do.  The bazaars of today are on a lot smaller scale.  We still have the bingo and a beer and hamburger stand and handiwork available for sale in the country store.  But gone are the children’s country store, the fishing booth, the duck pond, the dunk tank, the horseshoe tournaments and the all day fun.

Monica joined us this year for her first ever church bazaar since Tyler was still taking in the races with his friend Josh.  I think Gracie enjoyed it.  She won a few small prizes and had her fill of fresh strawberries we had purchased for snacking on during bingo.  Hopefully the bazaar turned a good profit since it is our main fundraiser of the year.  And hopefully it continues to grow and get better and better every year.

To cap off the evening we went back to my house and when Tyler came home he joined us for supper.  Then Zach grabbed his fishing poles and we headed down to the public access where Zach fished and Gracie threw rocks in the water and attempted to feed the fish dirt.  It was a day filled with wonderful weather.  But boy, weekends like these are exhausting!


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