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Serene Saturday Boat Ride June 22, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:32 am

Last Saturday night we took one of 2 boat rides I insist on each year- without the fishing poles.  At the beginning of boating season and at the end of boating season I like to enjoy a slow ride around the lake to watch the birds, cranes, loons, etc. and just enjoy being on the water.  If the Jeff and Zach take the rods though we end up fishing and getting stuck where the fish are biting.  So- no rods.

We decided this time to head to South Long Lake.  Admittedly, we started a little late- after church and supper were through.  We made it on the lake about 8pm.  I kicked back and enjoyed a slight breeze as we headed around the south side of the lake.  I saw a beautiful crane but watched it for too long before attempting to get out my camera.  Then our boat came up on a family of loons.  We got as close to them as we dared and watched the loon parents with their little ones.

Zach had wanted to get wet and jump in and go swimming, but we ran out of time.  You can see from the looks on our faces though that we had a great time.


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