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Digging for Diamonds June 22, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:57 am

My son’s daughter Monica asked me yesterday to go to a baseball game with her.  She had free tickets to the Lunker’s game and after the game ladies had an opportunity to Dig for Diamonds.  “Why not?”  I thought.  It beats digging in my flower gardens!  So Monica, Gracie and I went to the game.  We lost to the Duluth Huskies 7-4, but the real action came after the game ended when they had all the ladies line up along the third base line.

Riddles Jewelry had handed out ice cream scoops and buried in the dirt somewhere between 1st and 3rd base was a medallion that was good for a $2,000 diamond ring.  Well, when they said go you should have seen the ladies run.  It was quite comical to watch the dirt fly as the women dug into the dirt.  I handed my scoop to Gracie because she wanted to dig but she spent more time picking up the dirt and putting it in the scoop then scraping the hard ground.  And while I didn’t win, I did have a new experience and a lot of fun!



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