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Highlight Reel June 12th-18th, 2010 June 19, 2010

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Saturday-  In the morning Mom, Dad, Zach and I went to the Crow Wing Power customer appreciation day.  They always put on a really nice event.  They served a breakfast for free which consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage, cheesy potatoes, donut, and orange juice, coffee, or milk.  They also gave away free umbrellas and rain ponchos as well as a free ice cream scoop.  They have a band playing for the event and games & pony rides for the kids.  At the end of the event they give away prizes for adults and children.  We didn’t win…again.  When that was done I headed over to the fairgrounds to drop Zach off to help with Blake’s Eagle Scout project and I met Janeen at Applebees for lunch.  After lunch we headed to Kohl’s to use her 30% off coupon and ended the afternoon with a margarita at Poncho & Lefty’s.

Sunday-  I met my AAD class at their church to fulfill the requirement that we have to do to church as a group and then we headed to the fairgrounds again for day 2 of the Eagle Scout project.  Jeff fished most of the morning and slayed the walleyes again.  He certainly has found the hot spot for walleyes, and of course he won’t tell anyone where it is!  Tyler and his friend Josh played hero today.  They were third on the scene at an accident and they helped rip off a car door to get a woman out of the car and Josh even tore off part of his shirt to wrap around a woman’s leg to help stop the bleeding.  What a good bunch of guys I raised!

Monday-  After work I picked Zach off and brought him to the Senior Citizen’s Center to serve supper for a scout community service project.  Actually it doesn’t qualify as community service because the seniors tip quite well and the scouts split the tips and the money goes into their scout account to help pay for camp and activities.  Then we went to visit my mother-in-law for her birthday.  I had picked up some flowers and a gift card and we met Jeff out there.

Tuesday- rainy day…again.  Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Bev!

Wednesday-Zach and I headed to Doucettes for the AAD class tonight.  The boys were really distracted (the weather was beautiful today) and it’s getting harder to keep them on track as the summer progresses, but we have one more regular class to go and then we will do a couple of catch up sessions and be done.  Yay!

Thursday-  I took the opportunity to finish up the yard before the rain started tonight.  We didn’t get the bad thunderstorms and severe weather that other areas around us got.  Wadena got hit by a tornado and flattened many homes.  Several members of our overnight crew at work went there to help out.  Watched the movie Leap Year.  I love romantic comedies, but this was just so so.

Friday- After work (which was just nuts today!) I picked Zach up and we headed to All Saints Catholic Church to help Eric with his Eagle Scout project.  He is installing an outdoors Stations of the Cross.  I caught up with Sharon, a friend of mine and we headed to Nisswa for supper and an ice cream.  Then I went to visit Papa & Nana until Zach was done.


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