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Serving the Seniors June 16, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:43 am

Once a month the Senior Citizens Center in town has a nice low cost supper for the senior citizens in the community.  The director of the program called me the week before to see if the Scouts would be interested in serving the meal.  Every month they ask a different non-profit organization to help them serve the meal and clean up and then the organization can keep the tips the seniors leave at the tables.  Always looking for a fundraiser to help the scouts pay for activities and summer camp, I jumped at the chance and started calling.

We had 5 boys show up to help last Monday evening.  They started at 4:45 serving coffee and water to the guests as they were being seated.  Then they served a side salad, the meal, dessert and then more coffee.  They were done by 6pm and earned $62.00 in tips to split between the 5 of them for their scout accounts.  The boys got a lot of comments on how nice they looked in their uniforms and the director complimented them on what a good job they did and how well they stayed focused on the tasks and kept up.  The best part for them (besides the tips) was the opportunity to enjoy a piece of cake when they were done!


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