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Restoring a Train Engine June 16, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:24 am

Zach spent this last weekend at the fairgrounds working on the restoration of an old train engine there.  One of the Scouts in our troop, Blake, had chose this project for his Eagle Scout project.  The boys assembles at the fairgrounds at noon Saturday to start sanding the rust off and cleaning up the engine.  The skies had been dark all morning and we knew rain was coming, but they did get it sanded and prepped for painting the next day.  While they were there, the Dispatch stopped by and took pictures of them working on the engine, which made the front page of the paper.  The boys thought that was really cool and there were complaints from a few that were there but arrived after the photo op!

Sunday at noon it was back to the fairgrounds for the painting.  The engine looked really nice when they were done and even though this weekend they still have some detail work to finish up (like painting the white #8 on) I think the project went really well and kept on schedule despite the rain showers they had to deal with on both days.  I know the fairgoers will appreciate the effort they put into it.


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