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Highlight Reel June 5th-11th,2010 June 15, 2010

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Saturday- worked in my flower beds for about 5 mins before I got rained out, so then Zach and I went in to visit Papa & Nana.  In the evening Zach went to the races (the Sprint cars were there) but after 2 hours that got rained out too!

Sunday- It was too windy and rainy for the guys to go fishing so they stayed home all day and bugged me.  I really hate that!

Monday- Zach had physical therapy today and the therapist really put him through the paces.  When she was done Zach’s knee was not only really sore, it was swollen for 3 days!

Tuesday- Book club tonight was fun but the book really sucked.   In fact I struggled to finish the last 6 pages just minutes before the meeting started.  We met at St. Mathias, discussed the book and then a few of us walked to the cemetary to visit Karens grave.  Karen was a former book club member.

Wednesday-  Jeff went fishing all day and Zach and I had the Scout religious emblem class Ad Altare Dei at our house.  After getting through the lesson we took a field trip to the church and also helped pick up sticks at my parents house.  One of their requirements was they had to assist with yard work at the home of someone who was sick, injured, or elderly.  I teased mom that I didn’t know which one of those she qualified for- the injured or the elderly!

Thursday-  Nothing going on tonight for a change.  I enjoyed a quiet evening at home.

Friday- Even in the rain my Boy Scout patrol did their 50 mile bike ride this morning for the Cycling merit badge.  They rode from Hackensack to Brainerd (a distance of 54 miles.)  They started at 5 am and were back in town by 11 am.  I am so proud of them for sticking with it and so bummed for Zach and I that we were unable to do it with them!  Maybe by next summer Zach’s knee will be in cycling shape so we can finish this one too.


Monday- My first day in my new department (Connection Center) and it was scary!  I have not been trained in yet and they had me scheduled  by myself until 5pm.  I begged for help so they allowed me to call someone in early.  Sharon was a doll to come in at 10am.

Tuesday- Book club tonight was a great discussion on a terrible book.  We met at St Mathias and discussed Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral.  Afterwards Lori and I walked to the cemetary to visit the gravesite of one of our former book club members, Karen.

Wednesday-  The religious emblem class for scouts was at my house tonight.  We finished the lesson, did a short servive project for the “elderly, sick, or injured” (my parents!) and still fit in a field trip to the church and cemetary.

Thursday- Rained all day again.  Had lunch with Papa & Nana.  Nana has not been felling well for a few days now so I thought I’d see if Papa needed any help, but he had just finished the grocery shopping and had everything under control.


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