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Highlight Reel May 29-June 4th, 2010 June 4, 2010

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Saturday-  Zach was still at his friends from the sleepover the night before.  He helped them butcher chickens, clean out the chicken coop and make fences for the beans.  I was at home baking up a storm for the church bake sale.  After church we went out for supper at St Mathias before enjoying a quiet evening at home.

Sunday- Jeff and Zach were up at 5:30 this morning to go fishing.  Zach wasn’t having a good day.  Not only did he fail to net a walleye that Jeff caught, but he set down his rod to check a text message and his rod and reel ended up in the lake, unretrievable.  When they got home we made our cemetery tour hitting two different cemeteries to put flowers on the graves of relatives and friends.  After the flowers and plants were distributed we came home and grilled hamburgers on the grill.

Monday- Today was our traditional all day fishing event with a fish fry in the evening.  We started out at North Long Lake and not only did I catch the first fish, I caught the largest.  From there we went to Woodtick Ditch (Mike, you’ll remember that as the channel we fished at as kids), but all we caught there was itty bitty ones and lots of weeds.  Or rather, the weeds caught us because I think we lost 3 boobers and hooks there.  From there it was on to Fisherman’s Bridge where we caught the rest of what we would need for a meal.  While Jeff and Zach were filleting at home, I put the grease on and started the bber batter.  They couldn’t have been much fresher and they were fantastic!

Tuesday- I had my last Faith Formation meeting of the summer.  It was only supposed to be an hour long and it was almost 2 1/2 hours.  I think they tried to cram too much into one meeting!

Wednesday- Jeff got up early to go fishing with his brother Ryck.  I picked Zach up after school today and we spent 2 1/2 hours driving around the Brainerd/Baxter area.  Zach was taking pictures of all the tourist hotspots for a merit badge photo presentation.  Then we went to Doucettes for our 5th Ad Altare Dei class.  For the final activity the boys had to make either a collage on Reconciliation, write a play or a song.  Zach wrote a rap song that was hilarious and Eric’s play was pretty funny too.

Thursday-  Zach’s last day of school!  I had to work late at the store today getting ready for our regrand opening tomorrow.  Then Zach and I went to a Lunkers baseball game with some other scouts.  That was pretty entertaining.

Friday- We regrand opened the store today.  Zach rode in with me and him and a couple of other scouts did this mornings flag ceremony.  One of our vision center associates sang the National Anthem as well as God Bless the USA.  There were a couple of dancers from the Music General that performed.  There were speeches from the mayors, check presentations and I even got to cut the ribbon!    After work Zach and I went to the Log Cabin to have supper and a drink with my friend Lori who leaves for Arizona tomorrow.  We’ll miss you Lori!  We werne’t home for long when Zach took off again.  He’s at the theater with a friend taking in a movie right now.

Friday-  Zav


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