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Memorial Day Fishing Event June 1, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 11:53 am

Every year for Memorial Day we spend the day fishing.  Sometimes we invite friends and sometimes we go it alone but it always culminates in a fish fry.  We have never had years where we have never caught enough for a meal no matter how many people join us.

This year we went alone (Jeff, Zach and I- Tyler was working).  We started at North Long and fished from shore catching a few.  I caught the first fish and the largest.  Yay me!  From there we headed to what we affectionately call Woodtick Ditch.  It’s aptly named since that’s usually what we catch the most of there.  This year was no exception.  The fish we caught were puny, and we had to struggle to get the lines through the weeds.  I don’t know why we like to fish there but we do.  When we were little my dad used to take us here and mom would spread a blanket on the ground.  When we were tired of fishing we had color books and toys to keep us occupied.

After there we headed to Fisherman’s Bridge which is a relatively new spot for us.  We have only been going there the last couple of years.  Where I like to set up my chair there aren’t many fish but the scenery is nice and all around me are wild roses and the smell is heavenly!  The rest of the fish needed for the meal we caught here.  When we got home, Jeff and Zach filleted and I got the grease and the beer batter going.  I had made some coleslaw earlier and as soon as the fish were in the house they went in the pan.  There is nothing like the taste of fresh fish.  They were fantastic!  We ate our fill and then I brought a big plate over to Mom & Dad still hot from the fryer.  When Aaron came over later to check out Tyler’s new bow, we had some hot fish for him too!  It was a wonderful family day!


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