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Good News from the U! May 26, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 2:02 am

Yesterday Zach and I made the trip to the University of Minnesota Hospital to see an orthopedic specialist about the problems he’s been having with kneecap dislocations.  What did we find out?  He has to have surgery.  Why is this good news like the title says?  Because it won’t be the surgery they initially thought he would have.  This one will be much, much easier.

In taking more xrays and having two doctors there take a look at him, they determined his main problem is not the shallow knee groove.  His main problem is his kneecap is a little off center to start with which is not allowing his kneecap to settle into the little bit of groove he does have.  The reason it is off center is the ligament on the outside of his knee is too short.  In surgery, they will lengthen that ligament by adding cadaver tissue.  If that’s all they have to do then he can come home the same day.  If when they go in they determine the ligament on the inside of his knee needs to be tightened and reconstructed they will do that as well and that will require an overnight stay.

Once out of surgery he will be in a knee immobilizer for 2 weeks with physical therapy six times a week and then outfitted with a smaller, more flexible brace after that.  (Not the months of rehabilitation we were dreading!)  All in all, we are happy with the outcome.  Surgery is scheduled for August 20th because the first date they gave us is the week we are on vacation and the second date they gave us is the week he’s at summer camp and he doesn’t want to miss either one of those.

He’s currently doing really well in physical therapy and getting strong and the swelling has come down quite a bit.  Looks like he’ll have a good summer after all!


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