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Initial Prognosis May 6, 2010

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Zach and I went in to see the orthopedist this afternoon for his kneecap dislocation.  In looking at the x-rays she was able to determine the cause of his problems with recurring dislocations.  We wonder how come the previous doctor did not point this out.  Underneath the kneecap is an indented groove in which the kneecap settles.  Zach has a bone defect in which he does not have that groove, it is almost flat across underneath his kneecap.  This causes the knee, when twisted, to easily dislocate because the kneecap can’t find a groove to settle back into. 

His doctor wasn’t able to determine much else because his knee was still too swollen. 

 She scheduled him for an MRI to take a look at the tendons and cartilage.  She suspects the tendon on the outside of the knee was torn since that is where it causes him the most pain.  He will wear the knee immobilizer until the swelling goes down.  His knee might need to be drained to get rid of the fluid built up around it and then he will be outfitted with a hinged Q brace to keep his kneecap in place.

  He will also start physical therapy to strengthen his injury.  She then suggested he see Dr. Carola Arndt an orthopedic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic who specializes in the bone defect he has,  to reconstruct that groove under his kneecap to prevent constant dislocations.

On top of all of that she discovered he had a unicameral bone cyst on his femur.  This is a cavity within the bone that is filled with a straw covered fluid. 

(not Zach’s x-rays)

 These usually cause no problems unless it is a large enough cavity or the location of it is in an area that would increase his chances of breaking his femur.  She said she would talk to me about all of that when they took care of the issues with the knee so I am concluding it is okay, but I will question her more on that next Monday.

We will keep you updated on how he is doing after his next appointment.


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