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If the Doctor Was a Betting Man… May 2, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 5:27 am

Friday night Zach went to a church lock-in with a couple of his friends.  Forty-five minutes in, during a game of kick ball, Zach twisted his knee and went down.  Jeff was called to pick him up and I got home from AFF training soon after.  Two years ago Zach dislocated his kneecap twice so he knows what that feels like and said this felt the same.  We debated bringing him into the emergency room but all they did the last two times was put a knee immobilizer on it and refer him to ortho the next day.  Zach didn’t want to go, so we elevated his leg, put an ice pack on it, gave him some Aleve and got him comfortable on the couch.

The next morning the swelling had went down some but his knee was still huge so I brought him into Urgent Care at the clinic for xrays to make sure everything was back where it was supposed to be.  In Urgent Care you don’t get to pick your doctor you just take whatever doctor that’s on call that weekend, so the doctor we had was new to us.

Zach didn’t like him much and we laughed because he kept saying “If I was a betting man, I would say it’s more than a dislocation” and “If I was a betting man,, I would say you messed up something inside the knee itself”, and “If I was a betting man, I would say you have some torn cartilage and ligaments.”

He confirmed there was a lot of fluid built up in there- hence the massive swelling and overall squishiness around the kneecap.  He wrote out a referral to see the ortho doctor on Monday and suggested the knee immobilizer again (good thing we already have two of them.)  Zach’s knee was too swollen to use the immobilizer and he couldn’t get it straight enough to be strapped into it so he’s been confined to the couch.  His doctor told him he was to be a movie man this weekend so we stopped at the video store and picked up five of them to get him through.

Zach was bummed because Tyler and him planned on spending the afternoon 4-wheeling, and I think the 50 mile bike ride this spring will be out of the question!


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