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Highlight Reel April 24th-30th, 2010 May 2, 2010

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Saturday- I used to think it was me that was cursed because every time I had vacation and we went camping it rained on us.  And not little misty, sprinkly rain but torrential downpour.  Now I know it’s not me, it’s ZACH!  We haven’t had rain since before Easter and this weekend he’s camping with the Boy Scouts and it’s raining cats and dogs.  It rained last year during their canoe/camping trip in June, it rained during summer camp in July, and it rained when he went camping with us in August.  All this time it was his fault!

Sunday- Zach went to his last catechism class for the year and then we headed in to St. Andrews for Eric’s confirmation.  Eric is a young man in our Boy Scout Patrol who asked me to be his confirmation sponsor.  It was quite an honor to sponsor him, it was a beautiful confirmation ceremony, the new bishop Paul Sirba is really nice and so was Eric’s extended family. 

Monday- Boy Scouts tonight was getting all the paperwork in for camp and working on some final rank advancements before Spring Court of Honor,

Tuesday- Beautiful day! I put chicken on the grill, baked some potatoes and we sat around the fire for 4 1/2 hours!

Wednesday- Another nice day.  In the summer we use our grill and patio a lot.  The grill cuts down on a lot of dishes.  Tonight I put country style ribs on the grill, and we accompanied that with au gratin potatoes and chocolate chip cookies warm out of the oven.

Thursday- Had the day off work so Mom & I coaxed Dad into coming with us for the annual Pierz rummage sales.  The whole town of Pierz has sales and we generally hit about 50 of the more than 100 that they have.  We usually pack a lunch and eat at the park between sales but this year because of the cold and rainy weather, Dad offered to buy us some hot soup instead of the sandwiches we had packed.  We didn’t come home with a lot of treasures and Mom was only able to get out of the car for about 1/2 of them but I think we all had a good time anyway.  Knowing Mom would be exhausted and more than a little sore I put a beef roast and carrots in the crockpot and we had potatoes and Rice Krispie bars with it at supper time.

Friday- Rainy all day again so I didn’t het the opportunity to get in my flower beds like I wanted to.  I had taken a nasty fall the night before in the dark in my bathroom so I was a little sore anyway.  I went to town and got Jeff’s check, picked up Daylight Donuts and headed to my grandparents for a visit and then headed home to longe around.  I went to the 3rd of my 4 training classes for Adult Faith Formation and Jeff dropped Zach off at the church lock-in.  Forty-five minutes later Jeff was picking him back up because Zach dislocated his kneecap for the third time.


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