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Highlight Reel April 17th-23rd, 2010 April 23, 2010

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Saturday- Our Mighty Eagles Patrol met again at the Paul Buntan trail for a 25 mile bike ride.  We started at 9am and were done by 12:30.  We visited with my parents in the afternoon, went to church and Zach and I played games in the evening until he fell asleep right in the middle of one!  I kept waiting for his answer.  I thought “boy, he’s really thinking on this one!”  Then I realized he had fallen asleep!

Sunday- Jeff and Zach went fishing and I laid out on the patio and read.  We started a fire in the outdoor fireplace, roasted wieners and had goulash for supper, played a game of 35 (which Jeff won) and a game of Pass the Ace (which I won.)  Zach went to Brett’s for a while and I sat by the fire reading until dark.

Monday- I went on a nature hike with the Boy scouts tonight.  We walked around Kiwanis Park, the river and the lake.  We saw a blue heron, a mallard, a dead muskrat and a dead carp, and many other animals. plants and trees.  And thanks to Bob, I am getting better at identifying trees!

Tuesday- I had Tri Parish Pastoral Council meeting tonight.  Marvin and I carpooled and we had a very productive meeting.  It was time for the annual election of officers.  They nominated me for President- I declined, then they nominated me for vice President- I again declined, when they nominated me for secretary I figured I could handle that one so I am the secretary for the next year.

Wednesday- I met Eric at St Andrews church tonight where we went through Confirmation practice (I’m his sponsor).

Thursday-   Spent the day in St Cloud looking for a thrift store formal for our Bookie queen coronation.  Came home empty handed.  The only one I found in my size was $49.99!  For a used dress I will wear for less then 2 hours?  I don’t think so!  I had  my last Bible study for the 2009-2010 year.  I came with cheesecake, Carrie came with brownies, it was a great last session.  We are going to miss it over the summer and every single one of them have already signed up for my next study Adventures in Acts- a 20 week study that starts next September.  We are all going to try to bring 1 additional person with us next year.  We want to grow!

Friday- Another day off.  I went to town early this morning and cashed Jeff’s check and came home and Janeen, Monica, Gracie and I went for a walk.  Monica & Gracie and Tyler had lunch with me.  We were all going to go for a bike ride after lunch but Tyler woke up with foot inflammation and pain so we are going to wait for next week to do this together.  When Zach got off the bus, he ate lunch and finished packing for his camping trip to Huntersville.  I dropped him off with the scouts at 6pm and was to the church by 6:30 for my 2nd of 4 Adult Faith Formation training sessions.  Kind of a busy day.


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