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25 Miler April 20, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 12:04 pm

Continuing on with the Cycling merit badge, Zach and I met the others from our patrol at the head of the Paul Bunyan Trail again to attempt the 25 mile ride.  I say attempt, because even though I made it through the 15 mile relatively easily I didn’t think 25 miles was in the cards.

We started at 9am.  The weather was a tad cool but we didn’t want to wear sweatshirts because we didn’t want to deal with them once it warmed up.  We stopped in Merrifield again for our first break and Zach bought a Rock Star.  Not a good drink for a hyper kid like him to drink, trust me.  Later he was literally bouncing up and down!

From Merrifield we traveled to the 12.5 mile point, turned around and headed back.  At the end of the trail Alvin greeted us with sandwich makings, chips,  Little Debbie desserts, and Gatorade.  He’s always very generous and knows just what the boys like.  Thank you Alvin!

Now that we are “conditioned” (cough, cough) the next 25  mile ride should be a piece of cake!


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