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Highlight Reel April 10th-16th, 2010 April 18, 2010

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Saturday- Went on a bike ride with the Boy Scouts.  We started at the Paul Bunyan trailhead at the arb and traveled 16 miles to Nisswa where we treated ourselves to a Dairy Queen.  For supper we had cheeseburgers on the grill.  A just about perfect day!

Sunday- Quiet relaxing day.  After church and catechism we came home and I made sausage and waffles for breakfast and we got to sample my friend Alvin’s homemade maple syrup.  Yum!  That evening we went to mom’s and played cards.

Monday- The Boy Scouts met at a former scout leader’s home.  Don passed away last summer from cancer.  Because we appreciated all Don did for our Troop we did a little Spring yard clean up for his widow.  We had a lot of help so the whole yard got raked, hauled, tilled, & gutters cleaned in about an hour.  Then, with our spare time we went back to the church and cleaned up a little too.

Tuesday- Book club was fun tonight.  We reviewed the book Little Bee by Chris Cleeve.  We potlucked it at Amy’s house.  At the Bookies meeting before this one we had shared lists of things we wanted to do before we died.  A few of the crazy women said they wanted to learn to dance like strippers so one of the Bookies brought a stripper pole to the meeting tonight!  We ended up not putting it up because we didn’t want to wreck Amy’s ceilings, but we got a good chuckle out of it anyway!

Wednesday- Zach and I went for sa 1o mile bike ride while ribeyes marinated in the fridge.  I grilled those up and we had supper on the patio.

Thursday- Bible Study tonight on Matthew 27.  Only one more session left.  The Matthew Study has been awesome.  Next fall we start a 20 week study on Acts of the Apostles.

Friday- we had our introductory course of our 4 part training on Adult Faith Formation training.  Brian Pizzalato from the Diocese of Duluth came to start us out.


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