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Paul Bunyan Trail Bike Ride April 15, 2010

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A couple of the boys in our Troop of Boy Scouts are working on  their Cycling Merit Badge.  To be an Eagle Scout you must earn 21 merit badges.  One of the merit badges you must earn is from this group of three: Swimming, Hiking, Cycling.  Last year Zach earned his Swimming Merit Badge so he’s covered, but a few in our patrol wanted to do the cycling one so we are more or less going along for the ride.

Today we met for our first bike ride of the season at the trailhead by the Northland Arboreteum.  Mark and his boys, Eric, Andrew,  & Austin, Al’s son Josiah, Zach and myself, as well as a friend of Marks from church, Norman.  I have a knee that is shot so I was seriously wondering if I could make it very far at all.  I ate some Aleve for breakfast and hoped I would be good.

Our first stop (aside from a brief break to tighten handlebars that had come loose) was in Merrifield- 9 miles into the trip.  Two of the boys headed across the highway to Super America for energy drinks while the rest of us sat on benches or stretched a little. 

From Merrifield to Nisswa we fought the wind which made it tougher. We did stop again to tighten handlebars otherwise it was straight on through to the Nisswa Park.  All in all we went about 16 1/4 miles.  We had promised the boys we would buy ice cream at The Chocolate Ox but were disappointed to find out they weren’t opening for the season until the next weekend.  So, we settled for a Dairy Queen with over half of us trying the Ooey Gooey Caramel Brownie Blizzard.  It really sucked though that I consumed about 5 times as many calories as I worked off that day!  Oh well, life’s too short not to enjoy it!  Here are some pics of our outing:


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