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Highlight Reel March 27th-April 2nd, 2010 April 6, 2010

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Saturday-  Went in to town this morning and helped Candy & Daryl & Papa at the old house for a while.  Almost done.  Zach & I took some time off to go to the library and I got my hair cut too.  Jeff came home with jsut enough time to get to church.

Sunday- Daryl & Candy made a stop off at Mom & Dad’s before heading home.  Zach rode 4-wheeler most of the day and Monica & Gracie came out for supper.  Gracie ate soo much (especially peaches) I thought there couldn’t possibly be room for any more in her tummy but when Tyler came home and grabbed the rest of the peach slices from the fridge she started in again.  Monica & I played 2 games of Battleship (which I won) then she totally trounced me in 2 games of chinese checkers.  Zach was bowling at Jack’s House with the Youth Group.

Monday- I made a quick meal of Beef & Cheese Tortilla Casserole before heading off to scouts tonight.  Austin made Tenderfoot (way to go Austin!) and I signed off on my very first merit badge as a merit badge counselor.  The boys had fun playing capture the flag while I caught up on some book work.  At home Zach and I watched Did You Hear About the Morgans? before hitting the hay.  Light, romantic comedy.  It was good, not great.

Tuesday- Work this morning was kind of chaotic.  Bernice was gone today and she’s my right hand man.  Sharon did an awesome job filling in for her but when you’re not used to working that shift, especially on New Release morning it can be kind of overwhelming.  After work Janeen and I went for a short walk and then Jeff, Zach and I went to Saint for burger night.  Saint Mathias Bar’s burger night is really cheap.  It’s only $1.50 for a burger and $1.00 for fries.  Where else can you get a burger and fries for $2.50?  When we got home we popped Law Abiding Citizen into the home theater system.  Sometimes the sound effects are just too realistic.  At one point in the movie I ducked to dodge the bullet I swore I heard going past my head!  Pretty good movie.

Wednesday- My knee was hurting so I skipped the walk with Janeen today.  You see, the road we live on has quite a slant to it when you get close to the shoulder, so if I’m not walking on the outside, closer to the center line of the road, it tends to screw up my knee.  I seem to get that when I get to yakking with Janeen that I have to walk more towards the middle of the road.

Thursday- Walked with Janeen today and stayed in the center and my knee feels great!  Called Mom Simmonds to invite her for Easter but someone had already beat me to it.  Also invited Papa, Nana and Bonnie.

Friday- Left work 1/2 hour early so I could make it to Good Friday mass on time.  Went home and watched the Wild game.


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