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Highlight Reel March 20th-26th March 30, 2010

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Saturday-  It’s been a long time since Zach and I weren’t busy so we decided to have a little fun today.  We went to St Cloud and started the morning out with breakfast at Old Country Buffet.  Then we went to Gopher where I found a collection of Belles & Beaus by Demdaco clearanced and fell in love with them.  I bought all 17 that they had.  I’ll need to search the internet later to see which ones I’m missing and fill those in later.  Then we went to the mall and then to Barnes & Noble where we spent almost 2 hours!  After a “mandatory” stop at Treasure City on the way home, Zach went off to babysit for a friend of mine and I headed to church to be lector for mass.     When Zach got home we watched New Moon.  Good movie, not near as good as the first. 

Sunday-Zach and Jeff left home early to help with the Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast at church to benefit the Food Shelf.  They made pancakes, ham, scrambled eggs and they had fruit & juice as well.  It was delicious.  In the evening Monica & Gracie came over to visit.

Monday- I went over to Papa & Nana’s for lunch and helped out a little on my lunch break.  Scouts in the evening was wading throught the paperwork required for summer camp and trying to figure out what merit badge classes Zach is going to take this year.  He has all his requireds out of the way now he can pick the fun ones.  he wants to take Swimming (which he already has) and Lifesaving (which he doesn’t need) just so he can be in the water most of the day!  The rascal!

Tuesday- I had conferences after school today.  Zach is doing awesome this year.  His teachers almost glow when they talk about him and his improvement and I’m so proud!  Tonight I went to the Adult Faith Formation committee meeting.  We have a ton of options we are trying to wade through for educational opportunities in 2010-2011.  Now it’s just seeing how we can fit them in to meet everyone’s needs.  It’s very exciting to see adult education taking front stage.

Wednesday- Tonight is the last soup supper/ Stations of the Cross before Holy week.  After last year’s fiasco where nobody but 2 of us brought food for the potluck for the entire church, I’m almost afraid to go!  Hopefully we won’t have to pull off a multiplication of the fishes & loaves miracle again this year!

Thursday- Picked Zach up after school tonight and we went over to Papa & nana’s old house to help go through things and pack things up.  Back to Bible Study after getting a different TV hooked up (yay!). 

Friday- Made a huge batch of beer battered fish tonight and we just kicked back and relaxed.


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