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Highlight Reel March 13th-19th, 2010 March 23, 2010

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Saturday-  a St. Patrick’s day party had Zach and I seeing green all day.  Zach and I found matching green t-shirts at Wal-Mart for $4, and we had found leprechaun hats and flashing shamrock necklaces at the dollar store.  Add to that some green fingernail polish (for me not Zach) and a crock pot full of green noodles for the Corned Beef Casserole and we were ready.  We got to Mark & Kris’ at 6:30 and enjoyed some green slushies, shepherd’s pie (with green mashed potato topping), green fruit salad, and green frosted cake along with my casserole.  The boys had a great time rough housing downstairs and having a snowball fight outside with the little bit of snow that is left.

Sunday- Zach cooked breakfast of french toast, scrambled eggs and sausage while Jeff did dishes and I picked up the house and did laundry.  Then the guys left: Tyler for Monica’s house and the other two to go fishing.  Finally, an afternoon to catch up on my blogs.  I am about 4 books behind on reviewing for my book blog By Book or By Crook.

Monday- Scouts tonight was swimming at the Red Roof Inn.  The boys learned some lifesaving skills and spent the rest of the time splashing around the pool. 

Tuesday- Tri-Parish Council tonight didn’t have a quorum so we were unable to hold an official meeting but we did go through the items on the agenda and discuss those.

Wednesday- Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I skipped mass tonight to stay home with my family for the traditional St. Patty’s Day meal.  Every year I put corned beef in the crockpot, make some potatoes, peas, and a Shamrock Pie.  A Shamrock Pie is just a chocolate crumb crust mounded with mint chocolate chip ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce.  Not a favorite of mine, but they love it.  After supper I met Dad at Stations of the Cross.

Thursday- I was supposed to have Bible Study tonight, but after everyone arrived and I went to start up the DVD, we found there was no power at all to the only TV in the church!  Normally I take my laptop everywhere I go, but I had left it home tonight so we were unable to watch the DVD on that, so we all went home.

Friday- Jeff and I went to Craguns to help register couples for the marriage Encounter weekend.  Jeff and I Encountered several years ago, joined a fabulous marriage Encounter Community and have helped with the registration every year when the Encounter comes to the Brainerd area.  After all the couples were registered and had started their weekend, we joined our friends (and fellow Community members) Dean & Jan as well as another couple, Rick & Stephanie at Applebees for supper.  It was a fun evening that ended too soon due to the fact that Rick had to get up at 2am and Jeff at 3am.


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