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Highlight Reel March 6th-12th, 2010 March 14, 2010

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Saturday- I had to work today. Not the usual for me but we have inventory at the store this Tuesday so all department managers had to work to get ready for it.  Then it was a rush to get home, showered and changed for church.  I had to serve as Eucharistic Minister so I couldn’t be late!

Sunday- The guys went fishing again today and I spent most of the afternoon traveling around the blogosphere checking out my fellow book bloggers and adding even more books to my wish list.  Then I finally made the apple pie I had promised my family last weekend.

Monday- Scouts tonight was chaos.  One of our Scouts who has lifeguard training taught the boys Safe Swim Defense and one of our assistant scoutmasters taught safety afloat.  All of that took less then 1/2 hour and for the rest of the hour the boys kind of run amok with no clear direction since our scoutmaster wasn’t there.  We definitley need some games/activities to fall back on when there is no plan for the evening.

Tuesday-Book Club was a blast tonight.  We went to Mattie’s to review The Next Thing on My List by Jill Smolinski.  We each made our own lists of things we want to do before we die and shared 5 of them with the group.  I learned a lot about my fellow bookies!  Great time!

Wednesday- Went to mass at 5:30 with Dad and Zach, followed by soup supper and then Stations of the Cross.  It was my turn to serve and I was in charge of bringing home baked bread.  I had let mine rise a little too long so it was really high when I put it in the oven.  Zach cracked up when he saw the height of it when I took it out, but it was really good.

Thursday- Bible Study tonight was on Matthew 22-23.  Great discussion with the group as always.

Friday- I had off today since I had worked last Saturday.  I felt terrible with a cold coming on but I had promised my help packing at Papa & Nana’s.  I helped Mom pack a few boxes and then I took Bonnie to her docor’s appointment.  Stopped at McDonald’s to order 9 Filet o’ Fish, 7 fries and 2 cokes (for us Catholics back at the house) and went back to Papa’s to pack and haul some more.  My cold completely wiped me out and I fell asleep during the 3rd period of the Wild game.


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